Newton, CT Tragedy

I’m so sad. I believe today should be about the children; the families of those who lost their lives today and the devastation they are experiencing – and that’s not even a remotely accurate adjective to what they must be feeling. I can’t even imagine it.

I believe today should be about showing sensitivity and kindness, respect and compassion to our fellow human beings. We are all shocked, appalled and are trying to process the unthinkable. Divert your anger into positivity. If you know someone who is struggling, reach out to them. Kiss your loved ones, tell them you love them, forgive past trespasses and mend fences because life is all too short.

There are many different kinds of human beings. There are many different kinds of guns. There are many different kinds of action. There are many different kinds of values and opinions. Children don’t want us to fight. Children don’t buy into political division. Have a fair, adult, respectful, positive discussion about ALL of the ways we can come together to take steps to preventing tragedies like this from happening again. But have it tomorrow.

Today let’s mourn the teachers, staff and administrators of the school who placed the safety of their students above their own needs. Today let’s mourn the mothers and fathers who will never get to hug and kiss their innocent children again.

God bless those little angels

Ways to talk to your children about today’s violence

1950′s Style Bird Camper

These whimsical birdhouses, inspired by the vintage campers of the 1940′s and 1950′s, will add a bit of charm to your yard, garden, or home. A thoughtful gift for vintage camper enthusiasts, bird lovers of all stripes, collectors, or your eccentric Uncle Al.

Finish and construction are: exterior oil-based paint, brass escutcheon pins, and aluminum sheeting on a frame of 1/2 inch Okume marine-grade plywood for durability and weather resistance (Okume is a sustainable-growth hardwood).

The bottom slides out for easy cleaning access. A screw and spacer are included for mounting the birdhouse to a tree or post.

The entry hole is 1 1/2 inches in diameter, making these birdhouses appropriate for Carolina wrens, eastern bluebirds, ash-throated flycatchers, hairy woodpeckers, tree swallows, yellow-bellied sapsuckers, and many other birds.

BECAUSE OF THE METAL TOP, these should be placed in shade, not direct sunlight, to prevent overheating.

USB Toaster Hub

So adorable!

USB Toaster


Because everybody loves toast!

Some have said, if toast is so good, why don’t they just leave the bread in the oven longer and make the whole loaf toasty? Those people are morons. The initial premise is sound – indeed, toast is scrumptious. The flaw lies in the second part of the statement. You can’t just leave the bread in the oven longer for delicious toast. You’d just end up with overcooked bread. It’s hard to blame them for their silliness – toast can lead some to irrationality.

Which probably explains the overly loud SQUEE we emitted when we first saw these little gadgets! Four little USB thumbdrives shaped like teeny anthropomorphized pieces of toast. And, what better place to put your little USB toast than a USB Hub shaped like a toaster?

The drives themselves come in four varieties. From lightest color to darkest, there’s Tato, Butta, Ry Ry, and Crisp! The hub is silver with four slots for your favorite 4 pieces of memorytoast. You can, of course, insert your own thumbdrive, but where’s the fun in that? They’ve also thrown in an SD Card slot, so your new shiny hub can perform double-duty as a card reader!

Features and Specs

  • USB 2.0 thumb drives and hub
  • Thumb drives
    • Capacity: 4G
    • Colors: White (Tato), Yellow (Butta), Tan (Ry Ry), and Brown (Crisp)
    • Size: 1.5″ x 1.25″ x 0.75″
  • USB Hub
    • 4 USB 2.0 ports
    • Speed: Up to 480mbps
    • Included 1 meter long USB Cable
    • Included SD Card Reader
    • Color: Silver


Side Table Charging Station

I’m not sure if I’d love the flip top, but I do love the idea and convenience of this item!

The Side Table with Charging Station & FREE Surge Protector conceals your electronics while they’re charging.

Get rid of cord clutter! Stow your cell phones, tablet computer, digital camera, and other electronic devices in this specially designed side table for charging out of sight but close at hand. The roomy drawer connects to a special hidden compartment for your surge protector (included). A flip-top panel on top of the side table makes your devices easy to retrieve. Constructed of sturdy wood composites with rubbed walnut finish, the Side Table with Charging Station also has a roomy drawer, slide-out tray, and 2 storage shelves. Two cutouts on the top back panel allow for easy routing of cords.

Benefits of the Side Table with Charging Station & FREE Surge Protector:

  • Charging devices can be stored in the large drawer
  • The Side Table with Charging Station & Surge Protector is stylish enough for living room, den, or bedroom
  • This unique side table helps keep your home more organized and clutter-free