Force of Nature

I was trimming one of my Mom’s trees today and thinking about the best way to prune it. I’m not sure what kind of tree it is, but it has lots of green berries right now, crusty/flaky bark and all kinds of crazy branches that grow every which way.

I got to thinking about one of many modern day ironies. We force nature to bend and shape to our will – to the point where we have annihilated entire forests, driven animal, insect & plant species into extinction and have polluted our earth so badly I don’t think it will ever recover. Then we righteously demand that our fruits and vegetables be grown more “natural” and “organic“. That we “fix” global warming and save rain forests and endangered species and compensate for our carbon footprint.

I’m embarrassed, ashamed and am laden with guilt from my own damaging ways and those which I’ve inherited. I can’t fathom to think of the damage I’ve caused the ozone layer with Aqua Net in the late ’80′s and early ’90′s and the cigarette butts I so carelessly threw down on the ground before I knew better, learned about decomposition and quit smoking.

Reusable bags? Use ‘em all the time (mostly). Recycle? I’m psychotic about it now – to the point where my family thinks I’m a freak, I overflow the bin and thus the recycle truck ends up spewing my recyclables all over my neighborhood. CFL’s? Got ‘em. Of course they contain mercury and therefore are not safe for landfills and incinerators. I try to shop at Whole Foods for natural locally grown produce and organic, antibiotic and hormone free meat and poultry – but it’s so damn expensive! I’m considering fuel efficient compact SUV models but wish we were to the point where we relied on bio-diesel. Damned if we do.. but even more damned if we don’t. And it’s all our fault. AND yet again, corporate America makes shittruckloads of $ off my guilt, my need to compensate for my un-eco-friendly ways. Seems like how we started it all in the first place. Growth, expansion, commercialism, liberty and the pursuit of the biggest flat screen tv.

So there I go, continuing to force nature to bend to my will – chopping branches and building retaining walls – just to suit my needs. Stupid, righteous human.

Eyes upon the horizon
In dark before the darkness meets the dawn